Claas Metadoc Parts Catalog v3.24 (Agriculture) 2008

Claas Metadoc Parts Catalog v3.24

Brand: Claas
Publication type: Spare Parts Catalogs
Size: 940 Mb
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Claas Metadoc Parts Catalog is a software in digital format that was made in 2008 for Agriculture Machines and contains an electronic database of spare parts catalog and manuals for all models of Claas agricultural equipment.

You will find a lot of parts manuals, part books, parts catalogs of original spare parts list and accessories, intended for agricultural equipment of company Claas.

This Claas Metadoc Software contains a detailed, clear and useful information about how to repair, maintenance, calibrate, install and dismantling of certain parts of Claas tractor, harvester, header, forage harvester, hydraulic forklift, baler, mower, rotary tedder and hay wagon.

The Claas software program is simple to operate as designed to work on a PC with operating system – WinXP (and newer) and supports multiple languages like English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech and Swedish.

Claas Metadoc Parts Catalog includes thounsands of illustrations with which the user can visually view of a piece of equipment and determine the place of installation or removal of a piece of Claas agricultural equipment.

Claas KGaA mbH is German engineering company and a major producer of agricultural machinery like Claas tractor, Claas harvester, Claas header, Claas forage harvester, Claas hydraulic forklift, Claas baler, Claas mower, Claas rotary tedder and Claas hay wagon. The company was founded in 1913 by Augustus Klaas in Westphalia. In the 1930s the company began to develop the first combine harvester, which were calculated on the European environment. During the following decades, CLAAS has remained among the leading European manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In 1995, it started the production of the combine, which is currently considered the most powerful in the world.
Currently, the company CLAAS has branches throughout Europe, Asia and America. The company’s products known under this name in the world except North America, where processors are distributed under the brand name LEXION. (Lexion Metadoc Parts Catalog)