Cummins J JS JT Shop Manual for Diesel Engines

Cummins J JS JT Shop Manual for Diesel Engines-min

Cummins J JS JT Shop Manual will show you exploded views and assist you in servicing, maintenance, rebuilding, teardowns, overhauls, repairs and adjustments. Contains all the original parts information you need to buy correct pieces including engine parts and is an inexpensive way to keep your Cummins Engine working properly with low money, by yourself.

Software: Shop Manual
Models Covered: J, JS, JT Diesel Engines
Language: English
Delivery: Instant Download

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Let’s see what contains Cummins J JS JT Shop Manual:

Section TS – Troubleshooting Symptoms
>Troublershooting Procedures and Techniques
>Troubleshooting Symptom Charts
>Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly
>Air Compressor Cycles Frequently
>Air Compressor Noise is Excessive
>Air Compressor Pumping Excess Lubricating Oil into the Air System
>Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure
>Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping
>Alternator Not Charging or Insufficient Charging
>Coolant Loss – External
>Coolant Temperature Above Normal – Gradual Overheat
>Coolant Temperature Above Normal- Sudden Overheat
>Coolant Temperature is Below Normal
>Crankcase Gases (Blowby) Excessive
>Engine Acceleration or Response Poor
>Engine Brake Does Not Operate
>Engine Decelerates Slowly
>Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (Exhaust Smoke)
>Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke)
>Engine Noise Excessive
>Engine Noise Excessive – Combustion Knocks
>Engine Power Output Low
>Engine Runs Rough at Idle
>Engine Runs Rough or Misfires
>Engine Shuts Off Unexpectedly or Dies During Deceleration
>Engine Speed Surges at Low or High Idle
>Engine Speed Surges Under Load or in Operating Range
>Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running
>Engine Vibration Excessive
>Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Air Starter)
>Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Electric Starter)
>Engine Will Not Reach Rated Speed (RPM)
>Engine Will Not Shut Off
>Fuel Consumption Excessive
>Fuel In Coolant
>Fuel in Lubricating Oil
>Intake Manifold Air Temperature Above Specification
>Intake Manifold Pressure (Boost) is Below Normal
>Lubricating Oil Consumption Excessive
>Lubricating Oil Contaminated
>Lubricating Oil Pressure High
>Lubricating Oil Pressure Low
>Lubricating Oil Sludge in the Crankcase Excessive
>Lubricating Oil Temperature Above Specification
>Lubricating or Transmission Oil in the Coolant
>PTO or Cruise Control Does Not Operate
>Smoke, Black – Excessive
>Smoke, White – Excessive
>Turbocharger Leaks Engine Oil or Fuel

Section I – Introduction
Section E – Engine Identification
Section 1 – Operating Instructions
Section 2 – Maintenance Guidelines
Section 3 – Maintenance Procedures at Daily Interval
Section 4 – Maintenance Procedures at 250 Hours or 6 Months
Section 5 – Maintenance Procedures at 1500 Hours
Section 6 – Maintenance Procedures at 6000 Hours or 2 Years
Section 7 – Maintenance Procedures at 6000 Hours
Section L – Service Literature
>Additional Service Literature
>Service Literature Ordering Location
>Customized Parts Catalog Manual
Section S – Service Assistance
Section ES – Engine Storage
Section V – Maintenance Specifications
Section W – Warranty
Section D – System Diagrams
>System Diagrams
>Flow Diagram, Fuel System
>Flow Diagram, Lubricating Oil System
>Flow Diagram, Cooling System
>Flow Diagram, Air Intake System
>Flow Diagram, Exhaust System
>Flow Diagram, Compressed Air System
Section A – Adjustment, Repair, and Replacement
>Fuel Shutoff Valve
>Fuel Pump
>Drive Belt, Cooling Fan
>Drive Belt, Alternator
>Belt Tensioner, Automatic (Alternator)
>Water Pump
>Coolant Thermostat
>Fan Drive Idler Pulley Assembly
>Fan Hub, Belt Driven
>Air Starting Motor

Cummins J JS JT Shop Manual will show:

Detailed substeps expand on repair procedure information
Notes, cautions and warnings throughout each chapter pinpoint critical info.
Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step.
Bold figure number help you quickly match illustrations with instructions.
Detailed illustrations , drawings and photos guide you through every procedure.
Enlarged inset helps you identify and examine parts in detail.
Numbered table of contents easy to use – find the info you need fast.

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